Silver State Armory - Hollow Point Boat Tail - 168 Grain 308 Winchester Ammo - 20 Rounds

Silver State Armory
Bullet Weight
168 Grain
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With the War on Terror, the once relegated special purpose .308/7.62NATO rifle round has become a more standard issue necessity when engaging targets beyond 200 yards with the capability of launching rocket propelled grenades or other left over Soviet era heavy equipment. US military service personnel found that being outgunned in a firefight is simply no fun at all, but the .308 Winchester helped even the odds in range accuracy and delivery of terminal ballistics. Overnight, the formerly M14 style service rifles were taken out of mothball and pressed back into service. Training with such a cartridge is not only recommended, it is a service industry necessity. The 168 grain hollow point, boat tailed bullet by Silver State Armory has a muzzle velocity of 2600 feet per second with a matching 2600 foot pounds of energy. This is a round made not only for range training but also competitive matches with military style firearms chambered in the “big” NATO rifle caliber.

Silver State Armory continues to provide the very best in cutting edge designed and manufactured ammunition. Developed for use in national competitions as well as in the field against national enemies, both foreign and domestic, SSA is very proud of its reputation and acceptance by the nation’s professional defenders.

Additional information

  • Manufacturer Silver State Armory
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 168 Grain
  • Use Type Match Shooting
  • Casing Type Brass
  • Quantity 20
  • Ammo Caliber 308 Winchester (7.62X51)
  • Manufacturer SKU 75040
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity 2600
  • Muzzle Energy 2600
  • UPC Barcode 054041750400
  • Cost Per Round $0.94 per round

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