308 Win Ammo

.308 Winchester ammo is widely used by hunters and target shooters as well as the military due to its strong balance of recoil, power, and accuracy. It is interchangeable with the military 7.62 NATO and delivers good long-range performance. Felt recoil for this caliber is significant, but considerably less than that of magnum cartridges.

.308 Winchester ammunition fires a medium weight (about 150 grains) bullet at 3,000 feet per second. This velocity results in relatively flat trajectories and excellent expansion potential with soft point or jacketed hollow point ammo. Many manufacturers also offer polymer-tipped rounds that cost a bit more than soft points but typically produce slightly better accuracy for those tough long-range shots.

Notable guns chambered in .308 Winchester include AR-10 pattern guns, the Remington 700, and the Winchester Model 70. 7.62 NATO rifles such as the M-14 and FAL can also fire .308 ammo.

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