Sellier & Bellot - Soft Point - 158 Grain 357 Magnum Ammo - 50 Rounds

Sellier & Bellot
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This is 357 magnum ammo that's built for hunters and expansion in soft targets. The 158 grain semi jacketed soft point bullet by Sellier & Bellot has a muzzle velocity of 1263 feet per second with 560 ft lbs of energy. This is a round for target shooting as well as range training. This product is also perfectly appropriate for self-defense and hunting with carbines, rifles or handguns.

If you buy this 357 mag ammo, you'll get a single box of Sellier & Bellot ammo with 50 rounds inside that are ready to load in your revolver and fire.

The 1920's and 1930's saw considerable ammunition development during the era of the gangsters and bank robbers. Developed by a collaborative effort to provide an alternative to Colt's .38 Super, which at the time was the only caliber that had the penetrative capabilities that could defeat the contemporary body armor then in use by well connected criminals. Smith & Wesson, along with hand loading guru Elmer Keith, stretched the .38 Special to produce the .357 magnum in 1934, giving revolvers a new lease on life in the age of the semi automatic pistol.

The Czech munitions producer Sellier & Bellot began in 1825 within Bohemia as a munitions components maker, then full cartridges for both military and civilian export. American shooters have come to recognize the superior quality of S&B's ammunition and boxer primed reloadable cases. For target shooting, hunting and self defense, S&B's .357 magnum will suit your needs.

Additional information

  • Manufacturer SKU SB357B
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity 1263
  • Muzzle Energy 560
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 754908500468
  • Cost Per Round $0.64 per round

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