Sellier & Bellot - Full Metal Jacket - 95 Grain 9mm Makarov Ammo - 50 Rounds

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In 1946 the USSR adopted the 9mm Makarov round in an effort to get a close as possible to the ballistics of a 9mm Parabellum out of a small framed, simply designed – and therefore mechanically reliable – blowback .380 ACP. The result is literally in between the two in dimensions (9x18mm). While the Soviets enjoyed wide success from their 7.62 Tokarev pistol round, experience in World War II encouraged them to find something more reliable and simple to produce on a wide scale. The Makarov round delivered on the goals of simplistic reliability and became adopted throughout the Warsaw Pact, and beyond. The 95 grain full metal jacketed round from S&B has a muzzle velocity of 1017 feet per second with 218 pounds of energy. While not too dissimilar to the .380 ACP, the cost of the firearms has made Makarovs an attractive choice to many shooters, government and civilian alike.

Operating for over two centuries in what is now the Czech Republic, Sellier & Bellot has been a world renown manufacturer of ammunition with a reputation for high quality and dependable performance. The brass cases are fully reloadable for additional value to shooters of this less common, though mass produced caliber.

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