Sellier & Bellot - Full Metal Jacket - 92 Grain 380 Auto Ammo - 1000 Rounds

Sellier & Bellot
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92 Grain
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John Moses Browning developed the .380 Automatic Colt Pistol cartridge off of the .38 Colt Automatic. Albeit, the .380 has less power than the .38, it also has better reliability and is able to be fired out of a simply designed, direct blowback firearm. Known internationally as the 9mm short, the .380 was initially embraces as a military and law enforcement sidearm, and there were literally hundreds of firearms designed to cycle the cartridge effectively. Today, the .380 ACP is the most popular cartridge for the ever expanding pocket pistol market for carry concealed shooters. S&B's 92 grain full metal jacketed round exits the muzzle at over 950 feet per second with over 185 foot pounds of energy. While recoil and handling are almost as much as .380 defensive ammunition, the bullet is designed for range and training purposes.

Sellier & Bellot is a Czech munitions manufacturer with over 200 years of experience in making ammo and ammo components. The quality of S&B cartridges has been maintained throughout the 20th century and the world's most devastating conflicts. Brass cases are boxer primed for further value to shooters who reload. And with 1000 rounds, there are plenty of cases to reload, if you need to.

Additional information

  • Ammo Caliber 380 Auto (ACP)
  • Manufacturer SKU SB380A
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity 955
  • Muzzle Energy 186
  • UPC Barcode 754908505050
  • Cost Per Round $0.29 per round

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