Prvi Partizan - Soft Point - 55 Grain 223 Remington Ammo - 1000 Rounds

Prvi Partizan
Bullet Weight
55 Grain
Casing Type

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PRVI’s 55 grain soft point 223 ammo has a muzzle velocity of up to 3248 ft per sec with 1283 ft lbs of energy. This is a popular choice for keeping on hand for ground hogs, prairie dogs and coyotes. With this lot of one thousand rounds, there is a lot of perimeter that can be maintained against all sorts of pests.

Partizan continues to provide military quality cartridges and a price that is not only competitive but enticing. With manufacturing standards that are dictate by the Serbian military, the company’s commercial export line delivers a comfortable standard of performance while not threatening to break the shooting budget. Further, their boxer primed cases bring more value to the reloading table. Small wonder PRVI Partizan is one of the most sought after brands at trade shows.

While well established as a military round since its introduction in the early 1960’s the .223 Remington is also a popular sporting cartridge. It never fully shed its small game and varmint caliber roots. Whether for use out of self-loading military style firearms or precision bolt actions fired on bench rests, the cartridge can deliver an impressive amount of energy to the target, be it of scored paper or small to medium game.

Additional information

  • Manufacturer Prvi Partizan
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 55 Grain
  • Bullet Type Soft-Point (SP)
  • Use Type Deer Hunting, Range Training, Varmint Hunting
  • Casing Type Brass
  • Quantity 1000
  • Ammo Caliber 223 Remington
  • Manufacturer SKU PP223S
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity 3248
  • Muzzle Energy 1283
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 8605003800477C
  • Cost Per Round $0.68 per round

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