Magtech - Full Metal Jacket - 130 Grain 38 Special Ammo - 1000 Rounds

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Smith & Wesson developed the .38 Special cartridge in 1899 as an improvement upon the .38 Colt then in US military service. The Special was adopted as an auxiliary round by the Army, but eventually as a primary by the US Air Force and Strategic Air Command. The round particularly came into its own as a law enforcement and personal defense round. Civilian target shooters also like the round for its accuracy and easy recoil. The 130 grain full metal jacket round by Magtech has a muzzle velocity of 800 feet per second with 185 foot pounds of energy behind it. This is a good choice for target shooting as well as range training with either revolver or carbine. Further, the flat nosed bullet is safe for use in a tubular magazine without fear of recoil setting off the primer of the next round in the tube.

Since 1990, Magtech has been a trusted manufacturer od both range and training ammunition, appreciated for dependability and reliability at the range as well as for the use of reloadable cases for additional value. Magtech’s dependability of their defense and performance lines shares that same reputation as all their products provide a certainty of function every shooter wants in their ammunition, either at the range or in a crisis.

Additional information

  • Manufacturer SKU 38T
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity 800
  • Muzzle Energy 185
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 754908190010
  • Cost Per Round $0.43 per round

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