Fiocchi - Jacketed Hollow Point - 158 Grain 357 Magnum Ammo - 50 Rounds

Bullet Weight
158 Grain
Casing Type
Nickel-Plated Brass

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Fiocchi's 357 Magnum ammo loads a Hornady 158 grain jacketed hollow point, extreme terminal performance (XTP) bullet has a muzzle velocity of 1250 feet per second and delivers over 545 foot pounds of energy. It is the ideal in quantity boxed self-defense round, as you'll get a box of 50 rounds ready to fire from the factory. (Although, we do recommend test firing any ammo you are planning to use for self-defense or home protection at the range to ensure it plays nicely with your pistol).

The heyday of the roaring 20's and desperate 30's saw many advances in firearms and bullet technology as the age of gangsters and automotive equipped bank robbers captured the imaginations of the public and the concern of law enforcement. As well equipped criminals challenged the authority of the law, better bullets were sought by both sides. The hands down winner of superior handgun cartridges is the .357 magnum, introduced by Smith & Wesson in 1934. Based off a stretched .38 special with a larger primer, the .357 proved itself capable of defeating the body armor of the day as well as penetrate vehicle doors: a common impediment to stopping fleeing bank robbers.

Fiocchi is an Italian munitions maker that began in the 1870s during the start of the self-contained, smokeless powder cartridges. In recent years, they have become a recognized producer of quality ammunition in the US, especially of the more "oddball" calibers, as well as joint ventures, such as loading Hornady bullets into their fully reloadable cases.

Additional information

  • Ammo Caliber 357 Magnum
  • Manufacturer SKU 357XTP
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity 1250
  • Muzzle Energy 548
  • UPC Barcode 762344704418

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