Federal - Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail - 55 Grain 5.56x45mm Ammo - 500 Rounds

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55 Grain
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It’s a shame that Federal, a Minnesotan company, has never joined forces with Hormel, also a Minnesotan company and the makers of the delectable SPAM meat product. We imagine that Hormel has mastered the art of making SPAM cans, and until the day comes that Federal packages all of their ammunition in them we’ve nothing to gain but a lesson in missed opportunities. Still, the case that these 500 5.56x45mm cartridges are packaged in is still very nice.

This is a XM193 round, and as such sports a 55 grain projectile. The bullet’s boat tail design helps to raise its ballistic coefficient, conveying on it the resultant blessings of heightened accuracy, flatter trajectory, and the ability to better resist the injurious effects of cross winds. The bullet’s full metal jacket will stave off lead fouling in your rifle’s bore, and further help it to penetrate a great variety of targets. This bullet’s ability to tunnel through targets is in no way harmed by its lightning-fast 3,240 fps muzzle velocity either, for that matter.

This round further offers a factory fresh and perfectly reloadable brass casing, non-corrosive Boxer primer, and clean burning propellant. Federal is a stickler for quality, so you can count on each of these rounds having been thoroughly inspected inside and out before leaving their factory. For satisfying training, target practice, and plinking, you’ll find they’re hard to beat.

Additional information

  • Manufacturer SKU XM193
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity 3165
  • Muzzle Energy 1223
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 50029465094602
  • Cost Per Round $0.45 per round

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