Federal Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded Tip 180 Grain 30-06 Ammo - 20 Rounds

Bullet Weight
180 Grain
Casing Type
Nickel-Plated Brass

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$1.95 per round


Developed from the US Army .30 (.30-03), the .30-06 Springfield combined one of the strongest case loads with a new (for the time), pointed bullet to achieve superior, long range accuracy and impressive knock down potential. Used by the US military for half a century, the 06 has never lost its place as a trusted, even beloved, sporting round for long range competitions and for game hunting. The 180 grain, bonded tip, trophy bullet by Federal has a muzzle velocity of 2700 feet per second with 2913 foot pounds of energy. It is a premium (it says so on the box) sport hunting round meant for one shot, one drop results to ensure the game you hit is the game you take home.

Federal has been making premium ammunition for almost one hundred years, but that does not mean they do not spend a lot of time looking for ways to make a better bullet. Their Trophy, bonded tip bullet uses a cutting edge polymer tip and bonded lead core to achieve not only superior accuracy and deep penetration but also a controlled expansion that is distributed along the bullet’s diameter for a straighter wound channel without deviating from the intended target. Boxer primed, nickel plated cases are as fetching to the eye as they are to a reloader’s budget.

Additional information

  • Manufacturer Federal
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 180 Grain
  • Bullet Type Trophy Bonded Tip
  • Use Type Boar Hunting, Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting
  • Casing Type Nickel-Plated Brass
  • Quantity 20
  • Ammo Caliber 30-06
  • Manufacturer SKU P3006TT1
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity 2700
  • Muzzle Energy 2913
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 029465099466
  • Cost Per Round $1.95 per round

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