Winchester - Hollow Point - 37 Grain 22 Long Rifle Ammo - 50 Rounds

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.22 Long Rifle ammunition is the bread and butter of the US firearms shooting world. From introduction to pest control and small game hunting to even personal defense, albeit not optimal, in the wilderness and the streets, the .22 has served faithfully for well over a century since Stevens Arms introduced the new caliber. Casual to professional shooters rely on it for really anything. The 37 grain copper plated, hollow point bullet by Winchester has a muzzle velocity of 1435 feet per second with 169 foot pounds of energy.

This is in the upper levels that the cartridge is capable of and is marketed for game, though is one of the better choices available for any of the pocket or vest “last ditch” concealed carry firearms that still appear on the market today. The plated bullet also reduces fouling for use in suppressors and is a popular choice for firearms so equipped.

The Winchester name is one of the most recognized and honored in the US shooting sports world. Though no longer directly linked to Oliver Winchester’s enterprise, it is still associated with the Olin corporation which is among the top largest producers of .22 LR production anywhere in the world.

Additional information

  • Ammo Caliber 22 Long Rifle (LR)
  • Manufacturer SKU S22LRFSP
  • Primer Type Rimfire
  • Muzzle Velocity 1435
  • Muzzle Energy 169
  • UPC Barcode 020892102729

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