303 British Ammo

A dependable rimmed cartridge originally used by the British military, the .303 British (7.7x56mmR) was a contemporary to the .30-06 and is closely associated with a series of iconic firearms used by the UK, Empire, and Commonwealth forces including the Lee-Enfield rifle and the Bren and Vickers machine guns. Today, this venerable cartridge is long out of military use but remains popular for hunting.

Most .303 British ammunition fires full metal jacket or soft point projectiles in the 150-180 grain range. With a muzzle velocity of 2,500-2,770 feet per second, .303 British ammo delivers strong expansion potential (with proper soft or hollow point bullets) and good medium to long range accuracy. Recoil is considerable, but not quite as severe as that produced by typical .30-06 loads. This caliber is superb for taking deer and other midsize to large game and even dangerous animals such as bears.

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