30 Carbine Ammo

Most widely used during World War II in the M1 Carbine, .30 Carbine ammo is a lightweight, low-recoiling medium-range rifle cartridge that performs comparably to many magnum pistol rounds. While not the most successful in military use, .30 Carbine ammo has found success in the 21st century in target shooting and hunting applications. In addition to the M1, a variety of handguns chambered in .30 Carbine are available from Ruger, Thompson Center, and Taurus.

A typical .30 Carbine load fires a 110 grain bullet at a muzzle velocity of about 2,000 feet per second. This is not as powerful as most rifle rounds, and produces very little recoil at the cost of reduced long-range performance. At medium or close range with soft point ammo, however, this round really shines against small game or varmints. There is also a defensive load available from Hornady's Critical Defense series that updates this classic cartridge with modern hollow point design.

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