25 ACP Ammo

A compact cartridge developed by John Moses Browning, the .25 ACP ammo (also known as the 6.35x16mm in metric terms) is in the same power class as many common rimfire loads but comes with the superior reliability of a centerfire design.

.25 ACP handguns and ammo are typically used for last-resort self-defense; while the cartridge itself is not very powerful, its compact dimensions make it ideal for subcompact handguns that can be carried when a larger firearm would be impractical.

Manufacturers offer both FMJ and JHP loads for the .25 Auto, with the jacketed hollow points typically being "hotter" to enhance terminal ballistics (penetration and expansion) in a defensive situation. Notable handguns firing .25 ACP ammo include the Walther TPH, Beretta 950, and FN Baby Browning.

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