Tula Cartridge Works - Full Metal Jacket - 115 Grain 9mm Luger Ammo - 1000 Rounds

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Tula's 1000 round 9mm bulk ammo case is perfect for keeping a lot on hand for whatever ails you. The 115 gr FMJ round is clocked at the muzzle travelling 1230 feet per second. This is some of the cheapest ammo for sale in the United States these days and offers among the best "cost per pew" rate out there!

Almost every manufacturer who makes a semi-automatic handgun makes at least one model in 9mm Luger. Virtually every nation that has ever born arms has done so chambered in 9mm. No longer considered the whimpy pistol caliber, it is the standard by which all others are measured. With such a popular caliber, it is imperative to have a lot of ammunition on hand. And the Russians are famous for making a surplus.

Tula Cartridges is among the largest, continuing firearms producer in the world. It is unarguably among the most prolific producing ammunition used on every active continent in the world. And the Russians do like having an abundance as represented by this 1000 round lot of 9mm Luger. Steel cased with berdan primers, these bullets are not reloadable, which the price reflects. Designed for stockpiling it provides comfort of mind at having what might be enough, just in case. It is good enough for the Russians, why wouldn't it be good enough for anyone? Order your case today. Heck, order two!

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