17 HMR Ammo

.17 HMR ammo is a great choice for pest extermination due to its extremely high velocity. Introduced in 2002, the .17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire) fires a light (often 17 or 20 grain) small-bore projectile with an aerodynamic, usually polymer-tipped, spitzer tip. Muzzle velocities of about 2,350-2,550 feet per second ensure rapid fragmentation for easy elimination of pest animals. This caliber produces flat trajectories and excellent medium-range accuracy, though the light weight of the projectile makes it somewhat susceptible to crosswinds at long range.

Despite its strong terminal performance, the .17 HMR remains a relatively compact, low-recoil cartridge. While more expensive than more commonly used rimfire rounds, .17 HMR ammo is quite affordable.

A variety of manufacturers produce .17 HMR ammunition; these include Federal, Remington, CCI, Winchester, and of course the cartridge's original developer, Hornady.

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