243 Win Ammo

.243 Winchester ammo was originally designed to take down varmints, but also works well against hogs, deer, and other animals with the appropriate load. Winchester introduced 243 ammo in the 1950s, with the Model 70 and 88 being the first rifles chambered for it. Today, almost every major manufacturer of sporting rifles offers at least one gun in .243 Win.

The .243 Winchester fires a light to medium weight (55 to 105 grain) bullet at a muzzle velocity of 3,000-4,000 feet per second. There is plenty of variety to be found in this range, with heavier projectiles generally being intended for larger targets that require better penetration to bring down cleanly. Lighter bullets with jacketed hollow points are better suited for exterminating coyotes and other pest animals.

One notable development in recent decades is the polymer-tipped bullet, which delivers strong accuracy along with devastating expansion. Many manufacturers now offer .243 Win ammo of this type.

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