Prvi Partizan - Full Metal Jacket - 150 Grain 30-06 Ammo - 20 Rounds

Prvi Partizan
Bullet Weight
150 Grain
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The .30-06 Springfield was developed from the .30-03 cartridge that was presented for US military service in 1903 with the Springfield 1903 rifle. While much research went into the development of the new rifle with attention on a potent cartridge, new developments in bullet design were temporarily overlooked as the ’03 had a rounded bullet. With reports of the effectiveness of the pointed or “Spitzer” bullets, the cartridge was redesigned with the more aerodynamic bullet in 1906. That cartridge went on to see the US through almost a half century of the greatest conflicts in the 20th century as well as becoming one of the most popular hunting cartridges in North America. The 150 grain full metal jacket bullet by Partizan has a nominal muzzle velocity of 2910 feet per second with 2820 foot pounds of energy. It is ideal for target and training purposes as well as competitive long distance shooting.

Founded in 1922 as the primary munitions manufacturer of Yugoslavia, PRVI gained the name Partizan during World War II while making ammo for the anti-German resistance. Today, it still provides ammunition to the Serbian military, with their strict standards, as well as for commercial export. As always, their brass cases are fully reloadable and are therefor a favorite of handloaders.

Additional information

  • Manufacturer Prvi Partizan
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 150 Grain
  • Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • Use Type Range Training
  • Casing Type Brass
  • Quantity 20
  • Ammo Caliber 30-06
  • Manufacturer SKU PP3.4
  • Primer Type Boxer

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