Military Surplus - Full Metal Jacket - 196 Grain 8mm Mauser Ammo - 300 Rounds

Military Surplus
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Built upon the 8mm Mauser M88 round, modern 8mm Mauser ammunition is the same cartridge loaded with the pointed, aka “spitzer” bullet: the first of the main military cartridges to do so. Adopted for military service by Germany in 1905, the 8mm (7.92x57mm) cartridge became the standard martial caliber of numerous nations as well as became a popular sporting round for use on Safari: it embodied the perfect compromise of ease of use and terminal ballistics at ranges up to 1000 yards, depending on rifle barrel length, of course.

These 196 grain military surplus rounds have a muzzle velocity of approximately 2600 feet per second delivering just under 3000 foot pounds of energy. They appear to be 1950’s Yugoslav production for military use, so are perfect for military Mausers or other military style firearms in this chamber. The 300 round lot is perfect for keeping on hand for the “what if” scenario (they’ve waited this long) or for taking to the range to get the historical relic back into action.

These surplus rounds were made for rough use and storage, but to do that, reliable berdan primers with corrosive powders were often employed: this makes the rounds reliable but care should be taken to not forget to do the post range disassembly and cleaning of all firearms used.

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  • Quantity 300
  • Ammo Caliber 8mm Mauser (8x57mm JS)
  • Manufacturer SKU AM1238B
  • Cost Per Round $0.30 per round

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