Magtech - Full Metal Jacket - 147 Grain 308 Winchester Ammo - 500 Rounds

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After World War I, the US military [finally] began to accept the validity of rapid fire infantry weapons, the concern over the length of the standard issue .30-06 Springfield’s case and its inherent difficulty as a semi auto or full auto cartridge were recognized. The search for a shorter length case, yet comparatively performing cartridge began. Firearms makers (Garand and Browning) came up with mechanical solutions that kept the Springfield in service for a few more decades but weight to rounds carried issues as well as conformity with the new NATO Alliance after World War II pushed the need to the forefront. The .308 Winchester was released first in 1952 followed by the NATO cartridge, the 7.62x51, two years later. While both are considered interchangeable, the .308 is actually loaded to slightly higher pressure. This M80, 147gr FMJ round by Magtech has a muzzle velocity of 2700+ fps with 2400+ ftlbs and is representative of the earlier common service round. It is therefor suitable for range and competitive shooting.

Magtech’s ever broadening range of purpose specific cartridges began in the US in 1990 and has seen continual growth. No longer just a range or “plinking” cartridge provider, the company now provides personal defense and premium performance ammunition. Brass cases are reloadable. This 500 round case is a good compromise between portability and offering enough rounds to keep your military style rifle zeroed in for the next big match or any other reason for it to be called to readiness.

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