45 Long Colt Ammo

The .45 Colt caliber was introduced in 1872 for the Colt Single Action Army revolver; today, it is mostly used for target shooting and cowboy action matches. It was originally a black powder cartridge and is sometimes referred to as ".45 Long Colt." A variety of long guns and handguns can be found in this historic caliber; one popular, and relatively recent, introduction is the Taurus Judge.

Action shooting loads in this caliber tend to be light-kicking, accuracy-oriented ones firing heavy bullets weighing 250 grains or more at about 800 feet per second. Some defensive and hunting loads are still available; these are typically loaded hotter for better terminal ballistics and produce correspondingly greater recoil and muzzle velocity.

Most .45 Colt ammo uses bare lead bullets that are good for shooting steel targets as well as paper ones; however, it is worth noting that not all ranges allow the use of unjacketed ammo.

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