44 Magnum Ammo

While not quite the most powerful handgun caliber in the world anymore, the .44 Magnum certainly packs a fearsome punch. More practical against hogs and other game than San Francisco serial killers, the .44 Mag is a favorite among hunters as its heavy recoil is not as much of a drawback in a sporting scenario as it would be for self-defense.

.44 Magnum cartridges fire heavy bullets of around 300 grains, the better to provide strong penetration and take down thick-skinned game. As befits a magnum cartridge, the .44 Mag has a fairly good effective range, especially in long guns, and delivers high diameter expansion with soft point or jacketed hollow point ammo.

An outgrowth of the earlier .44 Special, .44 Magnum ammo was introduced in 1955; notable weapons chambered for it include the S&W Model 29, Colt Anaconda, Ruger Redhawk, and Marlin Model 1894.

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