38 Super Ammo

38 Super is popular cartridge for IPSC and USPSA competitive shooting and an effective choice for self-defense. .38 Super ammo was introduced in 1929 by Colt for the 1911 pistol. It was used on both sides of the law during the Prohibition era due to its ability to punch through the armor and auto bodies then in use. Today, the 1911 platform remains the dominant handgun for .38 Super ammo, although other handguns from EAA, SIG, and others have been available.

The .38 Super is a marked contrast to the 1911's original .45 ACP chambering in ballistics; defensive ammo in this caliber fires a medium weight (usually 115-130 grain) bullet at a high muzzle velocity of about 1,300-1,400 feet per second. This results in performance closer to that of .357 Magnum than .45 Auto, with a snappy kick and excellent expansion potential in jacketed hollow point loads. Many target loads are somewhat less powerful than this, and thus produce lower felt recoil comparable to that of 9mm Parabellum ammo.

It is worth noting that .38 Super ammunition is routinely designated +P to differentiate it from the obsolete .38 ACP cartridge; all firearms chambered in .38 Super can fire ".38 Super +P" ammo.
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  1. PMC - Full Metal Jacket - 130 Grain 38 Super Ammo - 50 Rounds

    PMC - Full Metal Jacket - 130 Grain 38 Super Ammo - 50 Rounds
    $0.56 per round
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