38 S&W Ammo

38 Smith & Wesson ammo was originally used as a black powder cartridge. The caliber has been around since 1877 and is principally used for target shooting today due to its good accuracy and relatively low recoil. Notable revolvers chambered in 38 S&W include the Webley Mk IV, S&W Victory, and Colt Police Positive.

Though not widely used for concealed carry or defense today, the .38 S&W can be a viable choice for these purposes with modern jacketed hollow point ammo available from Winchester and Buffalo Bore. Choices for target shooting are significantly more diverse and include loads from many major manufacturers. These typically fire heavy lead nosed or wadcutter type bullets mostly suitable for outdoor ranges.

Note that the .38 S&W is not interchangeable with many other similar-caliber cartridges such as .38 Super, .38 Special, or .380 ACP. If your revolver is chambered for .38 S&W, this is where you need to be so check out the in-stock ammo below!

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