32 H&R Magnum Ammo

.32 H&R Magnum ammo was introduced in the 1980s by Harrington & Richardson and Federal Cartridge. It is based on a lengthened .32 S&W Long case. A high velocity cartridge that outperforms most .32 caliber rounds easily, the .32 H&R Mag works well with compact revolver designs and provides 6-shot capacity even in smaller cylinders.

The .32 H&R Mag excels at both varmint hunting (with the Marlin 1894CB rifle, for instance) and self-defense. Hornady, Buffalo Bore, Federal, and other manufacturers produce quality hollow point loads suitable for these purposes.

Handguns chambered in this caliber are manufactured by several companies including Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, Thompson Center, and Charter.

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