Fiocchi 12 Gauge - 2-3/4" 9 Pellet 00 Buck - 250 Rounds

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The shotgun is a handy implement of destruction. With birdshot you can snag small things; With slugs you can bag big things. And with buckshot, you can make a very large hole inside of anything that calls for one, whatever its size may be.

This 12 Gauge shell by Italian manufacturer Fiocchi is loaded with nine pieces of 00 buckshot. The .33” pellets will make quite a nasty dent in whatever they’re directed at, especially when they benefit from a supersonic 1,325 fps muzzle velocity. Fiocchi’s hard lead and quality wad work together to keep this shell’s spread tighter downrange, suiting it for hunting and tactical situations alike.

Fiocchi’s shotgun ammunition offers great value, fairly priced yet reliable nonetheless. This shell’s sensitive primer and fast burning propellant deliver interchangeable performance with every trigger pull, so you can entrust your hunt or even your life to it with confidence. There isn’t a shotgun in America that shouldn’t be accompanied by a case of double-aught loads!

Additional information

  • Manufacturer Fiocchi
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight Not Applicable
  • Bullet Type #00 Buck
  • Use Type Shot - Buckshot
  • Quantity 250
  • Ammo Caliber 12 Gauge
  • Manufacturer SKU 12MW00BK
  • Shot Material Lead
  • Shell Length 2-3/4"
  • Muzzle Velocity 1325
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 762344864037

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