45 ACP - 230 gr FMJ - Fiocchi Perfecta - 50 Rounds

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Between 9mm and.45 ACP, the debate over “best” sidearm semi-automatic caliber is over a century old. As with most discussions about tools, perhaps the best qualifier for “best” is said tool’s purpose. For general pistol shooting use that is comfortingly accurate and can double as a home defense round – even with standard ball type (FMJ) ammunition - the .45 ACP still has a lot pulling for it. The 230 grain Perfecta bullet by Fiocchi has a muzzle velocity of 853 feet per second with 360 or more foot pounds of energy.

This is a quality training cartridge ready to simulate performance ammunition without the performance cost. Additionally, the bullet type is similar to that was used by the US military for most of the 20th century, so in a pinch it certainly can serve as a personal defense round when purpose specific rounds are either legislatively or economically restricted. Need more than a single box with 50 rounds? Find our bulk 45 ACP 1,000 round pack for sale here.

Italy’s Fiocchi munitions company has crossed the Atlantic and built a manufacturing facility in the US. The company’s experience in cartridge, primer and powder technology was begun at the endo f the 19th century when such features were first being pioneered. Well aware of the market competition in the US for range and training ammunition, the company’s Perfecta line focuses on a cleaner burning powder to help set it apart from the rest: while firearms maintenance is crucial, Perfecta makes it a little wearisome.

Additional information

  • Quantity 50
  • Ammo Caliber 45 ACP (Auto)
  • Manufacturer SKU PF450000
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Magnetic No

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9mm and 45.acp..

  • Quality ★★★★★
Live it.
Never jams.
Even in the 9mm Taurus 24/7
Or the springfield 45 1911.

Review by Jax

(Posted on November 21, 2020)

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