Estate Cartridge HV 2-3/4" #4 Shot 3/4 oz. 20 Gauge Ammo - 25 Rounds

Estate Cartridge
Bullet Weight
3/4 oz.
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The popularity of the 12 gauge cannot be overstated: it is the mainstay of sport and defense shotgun shooting all over the world. But it can be a bit abusive to some people and shooters looking to enjoy the scattergun sports without the bragging rights of a bruised shoulder appreciate an alternative. While reduced load shells offer one option, they also result in reduced effectiveness. The 20 gauge, however, delivers similar ballistics, just with a little bit less shot: but when there are still a hundred or more pellets flying in the air, is much really lost.

Estate’s 2.75” 20 ga shell is loaded with up to 140 steel pellets measuring .13: in diameter at approximately 1400 feet per second. Steel has a higher velocity, and deeper penetration than lead, and is also still approved for use in America’s wetlands for hunting.

Distributed with cooperation of the CBC group, shotshells by Estate have a proven reputation for dependability both in the field and at the skeet range. Provided in reloadable shells and with barrel safe wadding to keep the steel shot from damaging barrels, hunters and casual shooters alike trust their firearms and their bag limits or scores to Estate ammunition.

Additional information

  • Manufacturer Estate Cartridge
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 3/4 oz.
  • Bullet Type #4 Shot
  • Use Type Shot - Waterfowl
  • Quantity 25
  • Ammo Caliber 20 Gauge
  • Manufacturer SKU HVST20SM 4
  • Shot Material Steel
  • Shell Length 2-3/4"
  • Muzzle Velocity 1400
  • UPC Barcode 604544235449

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