Brenneke Green Lightning Rifled Slug 2-3/4" 1 oz. 20 Gauge Ammo - 5 Rounds

Brenneke Slugs
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The use of shotguns for shot is well established, but their use for firing slugs is almost as old and quite effective. The Brenneke slug was introduced in 1896 as an improvement over a general solid slug. The first feature about them that is noticeable are the curved fins. These are not for rifled stability but for less friction on the bore when being fired. The fins also squeeze more readily through a shotgun’s choke causing less wear. These 20 gauge slugs also have a fiber type wadding at their base to form a gas seal to achieve full velocity potential. Not ideal for long distances, they are impressively devastating at close ranges. The 20 gauge, 2.75” inch, 1 ounce slug by Brenneke Slugs has a muzzle velocity of 1392 feet per second with approximately 1200 or more foot pounds of energy. These are ideal for deer hunting or home defense.

Brenneke Slugs bear the name of Wilhelm Brenneke, the designer of this particular style of projectile. The company was founded in 1895 with the slug that bears his name introduced three years later. The flat face of the bullet us ideal for causing wad cutter like trauma and instant results in game and defensive scenarios.

Additional information

  • Manufacturer Brenneke Slugs
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 1 oz.
  • Bullet Type Rifled Slug
  • Use Type Shot - Slug
  • Quantity 5
  • Ammo Caliber 20 Gauge
  • Manufacturer SKU SL-202HFSGL
  • Shell Length 2-3/4"
  • Muzzle Velocity 1392
  • UPC Barcode 4030128200170

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