Sellier & Bellot - Total Metal Jacket - 124 Grain 9mm Luger Ammo - 1000 Rounds

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There’s a lot of different 9mm ammunition in the world and there is a tendency to assume that NATO marked branding is the same as the 9mm +P NATO issue. Sellier & Bellot marks these rounds as NATO Police to indicate a police standard quality, not to imply that they are the higher pressure capable rounds: the absent “+” on the headstamp proves they are safe for use in modern firearms not rated for the additional power.

This 9x19 ammo is loaded with a 124 grain full metal jacket bullet with a muzzle velocity of 1181 feet per second with 384 foot pounds of energy. This bulk ammo is ideal for range training as well as shooting competitions with a standard issue firearm. Additionally, the slightly heavier bullet encourages a little extra back pressure for positive action function and reduce potential for “stove piping” or failure to cycle, making it an ideal competition cartridge.

Sellier & Bellot has been making ammunition components and complete cartridges since the time the complete cartridge was invented. Long established as a quality manufacturer of both commercial and military cartridges, S&B is today distributed in partnership with the CBC group and is a defining member of that organization’s quality standards. This 1000 round lot is loaded onto boxer primed cases to stretch the ammo budget.

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