22 Short Ammo

One of the smallest production cartridges avalable, the .22 Short is an excellent choice for close-range target shooting. Typical characteristics of .22 Short ammo include excellent accuracy and low recoil. The muzzle report of .22 Short ammunition is quiet compared to that of other cartridges and compares favorably with that of some airguns when used in a rifle.

While the .22 Short is not widely used for hunting or defense, some hollow point loads are available that can take squirrels, rabbits, and other small game.

The .22 Short was introduced in 1857 by Smith & Wesson, gaining its current name when the .22 Long arrived in 1871. It was the first metallic cartridge made in the US and originally fired a 29 grain bullet using black powder. Typical modern loads still fire projectiles of similar weight at a muzzle velocity of about 800-1,000 feet per second. Current manufacturers of .22 Short ammo include CCI and Aguila.

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