7x64mm Brenneke Ammo

7.64mm Brenneke Ammo History & Information

Introduced in 1917 in Germany, the 7x64mm cartridge was designed by Wilhelm Brenneke (the same person behind the famous shotgun slug) and is well-regarded by European hunters for its flat trajectory and dependable terminal ballistics. It was considered for adoption by the German military in both world wars due to its excellent ballistics, only being ultimately rejected for logistical reasons.

7x64mm ammo is used for a very large variety of game ranging from deer to moose and brown bear. This cartridge produces very strong penetration with heavy bullets.

A typical round of 7x64mm Brenneke fires a 140-174 grain soft point bullet at about 2,700-3,000 feet per second. This round feeds very reliably due to its case design.


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