6.5x57mm Mauser Ammo

The 6.5x57 Mauser (also known as the 6.5mmx57mmR and the 6.5x57mm RWS) was introduced in the late 19th century; unlike most other Mauser cartridges, it was not a military round and was used primarily by hunters from the beginning. A typical round of 6.5mm Mauser ammo fires a medium weight 131-154 grain round nosed bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2,400-2,700 feet per second. This caliber is effective against a variety of deer and has been used to hunt Roe deer, chamois, boar, and other game in Europe. It is also suitable for many North American deer and hogs.

6.5x57 Mauser ammo is loaded by several European manufacturers including Sellier & Bellot, Prvi Partizan,and RWS. Soft point bullets are the preferred choice for hunting; this caliber has an excellent reputation for bringing down the target without damaging too much meat.

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