6.5mm Japanese Ammo

6.5mm Japanese Ammo Info & History

The 6.5mm Japanese cartridge, also known as the 6.5x50mmSR, was introduced in 1897 for the Type 30 Arisaka rifle. It was later used in both the Type 38 and 44 rifles, and was used in both world wars by both sides. In addition to rifles and carbines, this caliber was used in the Type 96 light machine gun and the Type 97 sniper rifle.

Originally loaded with a round nosed bullet, 6.5mm Japanese ammo eventually was upgraded witih spitzer bullets weighing about 139 grains. With a typical muzzle velocity of about 2,500 feet per second, this cartridge is strong but not quite as powerful as most European battle rifle cartridges; however, this deficit comes with the advantages of decreased felt recoil and muzzle report.

Since many Arisaka rifles have circulated around the world, 6.5mm Japanese ammo is still available. Full metal jacket ammo is the most cost-effective option for those looking to shoot these historic guns at the range, while soft point bullets can be used for those looking to try their rifles against deer and other game.


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