5.6x52R Ammo

The 5.6x52mmR cartridge was introduced in 1912 by Savage Arms; it is also known as the .22 Savage for this reason. It is based on the .25-35 Winchester cartridge and typically fires a light 70 grain bullet. At the time of its introduction, 5.6x52R ammo produced an unusually high muzzle velocity (about 2,800 feet per second) and impressively flat trajectories. Though historically used against a very wide variety of game, this caliber is most effective against varmints and small animals and, where legal, certain types of deer.

While loaded 5.6x52R ammo is not produced widely in the US, some production is imported from European manufacturers including Norma and Sellier & Bellot. Overall, this cartridge is somewhat comparable in effectiveness to the .223 Rem and can be used in roles that round is also employed in.

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