44-40 WCF Ammo

Winchester's first metallic centerfire cartridge, the .44-40 WCF, was introduced in 1873 and became a smash hit in lever-action rifles made not only by Winchester but also by Remington, S&W, Colt, and Marlin. .44-40 WCF ammo is widely used in cowboy action shooting due to its historical authenticity, relatively low recoil, and good close to medium range accuracy. It also performs well in a hunting role at appropriate distances.

Conventional .44-40 WCF ammo fires a 200 grain bullet at about 1,250 feet per second; with appropriate soft point ammo, this is sufficient to take small to midsize game at close range. Cowboy loads fire heavy 225 grain bullets at a much lower muzzle velocity of around 750 feet per second. This reduced velocity lowers recoil and makes it easier for the action shooter to fire rapidly while maintaining a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Notable guns chambered in .44-40 include the Winchester Model 1873, Smith & Wesson Model 3, and Colt Single Action Army.

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