405 Win Ammo

405 Winchester Ammo - Common Uses

If you're looking to maximize your firepower in a lever-action platform, grab a rifle chambered in .405 Winchester. This powerful cartridge was first offered in 1904 with the Model 1895 rifle and was a favorite of US president and avid sportsman Theodore Roosevelt. It has been used against all types of game, but performs particularly well against deer and other thin-skinned targets.

A typical .405 Win load fires a heavy 300 grain bullet at a muzzle velocity of about 2,204 feet per second. This results in good medium-range penetration and expansion, with substantial drop off at long range.

Although discontinued in 1955, the .405 Winchester was revived in 2001 and remains in use today. .405 Ammo is made by Winchester and Hornady.


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