38-40 Ammo

38-40 Ammo Uses & History

Based on the widely used .44-40, the .38-40 Winchester (also known as the .38-40 WCF) was introduced in 1874 and was originally used in rifles as a deer cartridge. Today, it is more commonly employed for small game hunting or cowboy action shooting with revolvers. Though somewhat less powerful than .44-40 rounds, .38-40 Winchester ammo produces relatively low recoil and lends itself better to rapid-fire, accuracy-centered shooting sports.

A typical round of .38-40 Winchester ammo used fora ction shooting fires a 180 grain soft point bullet at a muzzle velocity of 1,160 feet per second; hunting loads are somewhat more powerful and come with a corresponding increase in felt recoil.

.38-40 Winchester ammo is made by a number of manfacturers including Winchester, Ultramax, and Black Hills.


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