35 Remington Ammo

The .35 Remington cartridge was introduced in 1908 for the Remington Model 8, an early semi-automatic rifle used by hunters and police officers in the first half of the 20th century. Known for its relatively strong penetration .35 Remington ammo excels at medium and close range against deer, elk, and even bear.

Typical .35 Remington loads fire a heavy 200 grain bullet at a muzzle velocity of a little over 2,000 feet per second. The added weight of the projectile used in .35 Rem ammo gives this cartridge a strong reputation against larger animals at appropriate distances.

Since this caliber is sometimes used in lever-action rifles, most .35 Remington ammo uses round nosed bullets. A notable exception is the Hornady LEVERevolution series, which fires polymer-tipped spitzer projectiles that deliver improved ballistics without compromising safety.

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