338 Win Mag Ammo

Big game hunters appreciate the power of .338 Winchester Magnum ammo! This cartridge is effective at bringing down elk, moose, bear, and thin-skinned African plains animals. It was introduced in 1958 and based on a shortened .375 H&H case with an expanded bottleneck to maintain powder capacity.

.338 Win Mag loads typically fire a heavy 200-275 grain soft point bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2,500-3,000 feet per second. Heavier bullets are more suitable for larger targets due to their better penetration. The .338 Winchester Magnum produces felt recoil roughly double that of a .308 Winchester, but less than the .338 Lapua.

Most rifle manufacturers produce at least one model in this caliber, as do most manufacturers of hunting ammo. Hornady, Federal, Corbon, and Double Tap all produce .338 Win Mag ammo.

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