280 Remington Ammo

280 Rem Ammo Uses and History

First offered in 1957, the .280 Remington (also referred to as the 7mm Express Remington) is a high-velocity cartridge that excels against a wide variety of game. It is based on a necked down .30-06 Springfield casing. In the hands of a competent shooter, a rifle firing .280 Rem ammo is effective against any North American game animal.

.280 Remington ammo comes in a wide variety of weights to suit different target types. Lighter 120-140 grain bullets excel against deer and other midsize game, while heavy 168-175 grain ones perform better against elk, bear, and other tougher quarry. Muzzle velocities range from 2,700 feet per second to over 3,000 feet per second. Most .280 Rem ammunition fires soft point or polymer-tipped bullets designed to expand without heavy fragmentation.

Overall, the .280 Remington is liked for its good balance of power and recoil along with its flat trajectories and dependable long-range performance.


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