270 Win Ammo

Released in 1925 for the Winchester Model 54, the .270 Winchester is a long cartridge firing a relatively light bullet at a high velocity. A typical deer round of .270 Winchester ammo fires a 130 grain bullet at about 3,000 feet per second. This versatile cartridge can also take lighter bullets for varmints or larger ones for elk, moose, and other larger game.

Compared to other rifle cartridges, the .270 Win is a flat-shooting, fast-moving caliber that nevertheless produces a manageable level of recoil. With modern polymer tipped expanding bullets, it excels against a very wide variety of game.

Although not particularly popular when introduced, the .270 Win attracted a significant following as bullet technology improved and is now one of the most widely used hunting rounds. Guns firing .270 Winchester ammo can be had from many manufacturers including Browning, Remington, and others.

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