22 Hornet Ammo

If you want to deliver a real sting on those pesky varmints on your property, .22 Hornet ammo is a great choice. This compact centerfire cartridge fires a light bullet (approximately 35-50 grains) at a high velocity of about 3,000 feet per second. At medium range with appropriate hollow point rounds, this results in extremely strong fragmentation and terminal performance.

Characteristics of .22 Hornet ammo include good accuracy, a relatively low muzzle report, and light recoil. In addition to varmints, this cartride is effective against turkeys, wild pigs, and other small to midsize game.

The .22 Hornet was introduced in 1930 by Winchester; today, ammo is available from a variety of manufacturers. Many .22 Hornet loads feature advanced designs with polymer-tipped projectiles.

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