22-250 Remington Ammo

.22-250 Remington ammo excels against varmints and small game thanks to its high velocity and (with jacketed hollow point loads) high fragmentation. Introduced in the 1960s, the .22-250 is based on a .250 Savage case necked down to take a smaller (typically 40-65 grain) bullet. With a muzzle velocity of about 3,500 to 4,300 feet per second, the .22-250 delivers impressively flat trajectories, good accuracy, and strong expansion. While not suitable for large game, it is perfect for targets such as coyotes and can be used on deer in some cases with appropriate ammo.

Compared to other varmint rounds, the .22-250 excels in windy conditions due to the relatively high weight of the bullet. Most manufacturers produce ammo in this caliber, with one notable entry being Hornady's Superformance series, which uses improved powder that pushes the round's velocity to even greater levels without increasing recoil or barrel fouling.

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