204 Ruger Ammo

.204 Ruger ammo is famous for its high velocity, flat trajectories, and devastating terminal ballistics. The .204 Ruger was introduced in 2004 as a joint project of Ruger and Hornady. A typical .204 Ruger cartridge fires a 32-45 grain bullet (usually a hollow point) at a muzzle velocity of 4,000 feet per second or more. This combination produces rapid, explosive fragmentation that will drop varmints in their tracks!

The .204 Ruger case is based on a necked-down .222 Remington Mag. The high powder capacity of the case and the low weight of the projectile both contribute to the cartridge's extremely high velocity. Factory Hornady ammo uses a special propellant that achieves velocities as high as 4,450 feet per second!

Other manufacturers of .204 Ruger ammo include Fiocchi, Winchester, Nosler, and Sellier & Bellot. Notably, many manufacturers producing AR-15 pattern rifles now offer the .204 Ruger as a chambering for their guns.

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