Military Surplus - Full Metal Jacket - 174 Grain 7.5x55 Swiss Ammo - 60 Rounds

Military Surplus
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Swiss 7.5x55 ammunition was adopted for service in 1889 and was among the first generation of small bore, smokeless powder rifle cartridges as opposed to the 12-14mm caliber bullets that were in vogue at the time. The metallurgy in 1911 on the Schmidt Rubin rifle designs allowed for a higher pressure round known as the GP11. Very similar in performance to the .308 Winchester, this cartridge remains in Swiss military service to this date and is also in issued to the reserves for the rifles they are to keep on hand for national use.

The 174 grain full metal, nickel jacketed bullet from Swiss military surplus has a muzzle velocity of 2560 feet per second with up to 2535 foot pounds of energy. This is what the military is issued and is ideal for use in the Swiss rifles that are popular with US military collectors and shooters for everything from casual plinking to competitive matches.

These sixty rounds of Swiss match ammunition are loaded in brass cases that are berdan primed, however, there are handloaders that have developed a tool for removing the spent primers for reloading: the brass is high quality for military use and abuse. Given the caliber is fairly specific to just Swiss rifles, it is an even call for most shooters between stock piling surplus and setting up the required tools for reuse.

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  • Quantity 60
  • Ammo Caliber 7.5x55 Swiss
  • Manufacturer SKU SWISS75MATCH
  • Cost Per Round $0.68 per round

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