Military Surplus - Full Metal Jacket - 150 Grain 30-06 Ammo - 240 Rounds

Military Surplus
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When the US military adopted the .30-06 Springfield, it was among one of the largest cased martial rounds (7.62x63mm) issued by any of the great powers. The primary American service round from 1906 to 1952, it is still popular as a hunting round. While other countries adopted it in limited numbers, after World War II, by virtue of the Truman Doctrine, large numbers of US arms were exported to countries to defense against Soviet expansion. Both Denmark and Greece, among others, received large numbers of M1 Garands, and with them the need to feed them.

This 30-06 Springfield ammo is loaded with 150 grain full metal jacketed bullets that leave the barrel at up to 2910 feet per second with 2820 foot pounds of energy. In this pack, you’ll get 240 rounds that are good for target shooting as well as for Civilian Marksmanship Program type competitions and loaded in twelve 20 round boxes.

Military surplus rounds are designed for use in mil spec firearms, especially the types prized by C&R shooters and aficionados of historical type weapons. These rounds are Berdan primed and therefore not easily reloadable, these cartridges are labelled non corrosive. Proper care and maintenance, however, should still be utilized after range day.

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  • Quantity 240
  • Ammo Caliber 30-06
  • Manufacturer SKU GREEK240

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