Military Surplus - Full Metal Jacket - 150 Grain 30-06 Ammo - 20 Rounds

Military Surplus
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From 1906 to 1952, .30-06 Springfield ammo was the standard military rifle and squad machine gun round of the US military. Yet through the miracles of the Truman Doctrine and Marshal Plan, the caliber was adopted by many other nations after World War II (and adopted by a few others on their own even before World War II) which means that there still are some military surplus supplies sitting around the world of this caliber waiting for collectors and shooters to snatch up. This particular lot is from Denmark which adopted the US M1 Garand rifle briefly after World War II in preparation of the Cold War. While many of the rifles have returned to grateful American hands, the ammunition was left behind and is released on an “when found as found” basis. Loaded to cycle flawlessly in all military self loading ammunition it is perfect for collectors and military match shooters because those are the guns this ammo was designed for use in.

Military surplus ammunition is made for use in military surplus guns, but it should always be assumed that the ammo may be corrosive, even when stated not. The berdan primer often used corrosive agents because they were designed for reliability, not cleanliness which is why basic training always included gun care. These are marked non corrosive and there is every confidence to believe it. But there is no good reason not to clean your firearm after use.

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  • Manufacturer Military Surplus
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  • Bullet Weight 150 Grain

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