Military Surplus - Full Metal Jacket - 145 Grain 308 Winchester Ammo - 20 Rounds

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The .308 Winchester’s introduction in 1952 inaugurated a caliber that has gained almost global distribution as both a military and a sporting round. While its twin, the 7.62x51 NATO round was adopted for martial use, the Winchester round is well suited for use in both. Yet for sport, hunting and competitive marksmanship the .308 is a popular choice and remains a “standard” caliber for virtually all applications above squirrel hunting. The 145 grain full metal jacket round from MFS has a nominal muzzle velocity of 2800+ feet per second with approximately 2600 foot pounds of energy. It is very well suited for use as a target shooting or range training cartridge – developing firearms familiarity experience with your 7.62/.308 weapon.

MFS is a Hungarian manufacturer of small arms ammunition for both military and commercial applications. Currently it is a member of RUAG Ammotec with manufacturing facilities all over central and eastern Europe: these steel cased rifle rounds are Russian in origin, but other lots may also come from military arsenals from elsewhere. They are made to military grade standards and while perhaps not ideal for long range, precision shooting are perfectly capable for putting holes in paper and training new shooters on old guns or old shooters on new guns.

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