7.62mm Nagant Ammo

Introduced in 2003, the .500 S&W Magnum was developed by Corbon and Smith & Wesson for handgun hunting with large game. It was intended to be the most powerful handgun cartridge available and is closely associated with the S&W Model 500 revolver.

The .500 S&W Mag is a high pressure cartridge firing a heavy bullet weighing 300-500 grains, with muzzle velocities of about 1,400-2,000 feet per second. As one would expect from these specs, it is a powerful, hard-recoiling cartridge capable of taking most North American game at appropriate ranges. Viable targets include boar, elk, bear, and (at appropriate ranges with the correct bullets) elephants and African buffalo.

Notable manufacturers of .500 S&W ammo include Buffalo Bore, Corbon, Federal, Hornady, Magtech, and Winchester.

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